Our Story

Shawn & Sharhonda Stockman are both philanthropists and advocates, but what is most important to them is family. Shawn & Sharhonda founded Micah’s Voice, a non-profit organization that helps families affected by autism. Micah's Voices was named after one of Shawn & Sharhonda's twin sons, Micah, who was diagnosed with autism. Although research is very important, Micah's Voice is focused on the present situation and has a deep concern for families dealing with autism. Scootie Gootz was created because Shawn & Sharhonda wanted a clean, inspiring and safe place where they could bring their family. Shawn and Sharhonda both hope that Scootie Gootz creates a place where all kids can come together.

Sensory Thursdays

Sensory Thursdays is a day where all families are welcome to come and play together; however, a special invitation is extended to those affected with autism. We encourage everyone to get to know each other and to help support each other. The core belief is that each child has unique abilities and gifts to share with the world. Through programs that provide education, awareness, and support, we hope to empower families and give a voice to special children, so that they can enjoy the best quality of life possible.